Artworks by

Lorna Pirrie 


Retro Remastered
Ethical Shopping

They say it's a throw away society now a days, well not here!

Explore the unique and exciting ways I make the old and used new and trendy, fitting right into today's life style while doing my bit to save valuable wasted resources.​

I have a life time's experience as an artist, crafter, crocheter, embroiderer and sewer, making each of my items with the eye of a perfectionist. I do a lot of hand finishing and double stitching of seams to make items as sturdy as possible. With proper care the products I make can be enjoyed for years to come.

I do my utmost to use the most recycled items in excellent condition to create all my designs. I source as much as I can as local as I can frequenting charity shops and boot (tag) sales only buying new when the only option (usually for small fixings).

All  found materials are expertly cleaned and checked for any flaws before use.

I also re-use packaging, old boxes, bubble wrap etc. as long as it is clean and sturdy, and the tissue paper I use is made from recycled material. So don't be surprised if your purchase arrives in a box that I got from a local shop!

 Making useful everyday items from what ever I find into what ever I imagine they can become. You will find different and unusual products added as I can make them. 

Thanks for looking!

P.S. Please remember to review the T&C's and shipping details before purchasing.