Chic Petite HANDBAG with Bamboo handles.

C. Vintage weave fabric FLORAL OVER NITE bag

with matching zip cosmetics pouch.

Reminiscent of the carpet bag but with a feminine flair! Lovely vintage 60's heavy weight woven curtain fabric in shades of pink, lined with a vintage pink ribbed cotton curtain fabric using zips purchased at a local charity shop. Features sturdy double handle straps, two exterior pockets, two interior, one with a cover flap, and a matching zippered cosmetics bag. 

​Top width 20"/51cm, opening to accommodate a bottom depth of 3"/7.5cm with an extra thick base. Sturdy straps sewn along full height of bag on both sides with extending into 11"/28cm handles.

Matching cosmetic pouch is 7.5"/18.5cm W, 6"/15cm H, with a bottom depth of 1.25"/3.5cm.

£28.95 + 8.50 UK shipping and handling.

Europe £15.25, U.S. £20.25, Australia £21.50, (see S&H details). 


​​Genuine 1979 Superman cotton barkcloth silk screened curtains made into this FAB zip  closure handbag.
10" Circular bottom, 2 interior pockets with long shoulder straps, lined with pre-used red cotton curtain material, hand detailing with sturdy construction.

Pockets, large 6.5W x 6.75"H, small 3.5W x 5.5"H. 
Top width 16.5" H with 16" double handles.
Hand wash cool/med temp, dry flat, iron cool/med temp.

£34.95+ £ 6.95 UK shipping and handling,

Europe £14.50, U.S. £17.50, Australia £18.50, (see S&H details). 


​B. Vintage material SUPERMAN tote/carrier bag.


Artworks by

Lorna Pirrie 

Rectangular base.

Genuine 1979 cotton silk screened barkcloth Superman curtains made into this cool tote bag.
Velcro top closure, 2 interior pockets and foot long double handles. Lined with red cotton pre-used curtains, sturdy construction double seaming.
14"H x 13"W x 3.5"D. Pockets; 4"W x 5"H & 8"W x 8"H
Hand wash cool/med, dry flat, cool/med iron.

£29.95+ £ 8.50 UK shipping and handling,
Europe £14.50, U.S. £17.50, Australia £18.50, (see S&H details). 

Very Chic small handbag made from genuine blue/green silky woven late 60's curtains, real bamboo handles with magnetic closure and interior pocket. Lined with satiny yellow vintage curtains, very classy little bag.

Height with handles is 12"/30.5cm, Width 9.5"/24cm, Depth at bottom 5"/12.7cm, handle width 7"/17.8cm.

Hand washable cool, dry flat, iron inside cool/med. (avoiding handles).

£17.95+ £6.95 UK shipping & handling. 

Europe £12.75, U.S. £14.75, Australia £15.50, (see S&H details). 


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​A. Vintage material SUPERMAN ​handbag.