Large 'Steve' dog model left side.

Small 'Steve' Left side.


Small 'Steve' view from the top.

​Large 'Steve' dog model top view.

Here is Frank all made with his final coat of paint.

​Small 'Steve' dog model underneath.

Meet Frank, Bobbi, and Steve, my trusty dog models!

Here is Steve all constructed ready for paint and Bobbi in the making.


Medium 'Bobbi' leftside.

Large 'Steve' dog model underside view.

All three are made from used cardboard boxes, rolled, ripped and hot glued together, then painted with left over wall paint. I did not want to promote any specialist breed of dog, and although I LOVE dogs I needed models that behaved any time day or night-so this was the perfect solution and a great way to recycle a lot of old used boxes!

Medium 'Bobbi' top view.

The following photos are of my models with their measurements are JUST AS A GUIDE LINE, you will need to measure your dog in the same areas to make sure any coat you choose with fit YOUR DOG.

These are the measurements of my dog models, NOT the measurements of the coats (although they are close), and NOT the measurements of your dog. I cannot be responsible for the mis-measurement of YOUR dog. Remember each dog coat has a 2" adjustable velcro closure at both the girth and the neck.​ 

You will need to measure your dog in these 4 areas.

1.) Girth-measure entirely around the middle of your dog at the widest point.

2.) Neck-measure around the neck of you dog where the collar is.

3.) Back-measure your dog from the shoulders below the neck across the length of the back.

4.) Collar to mid-belly- measure your dog underneath from the collar to mid-belly.

These models and my dog coats are for small dogs (not tiny), medium, and medium/large dogs (not giant ones like Great Danes).

Medium 'Bobbi' underside view.


Artworks by

Lorna Pirrie