Artworks by

Lorna Pirrie 

I hope to achieve one of two things with my work, or preferably both. One,  to touch the viewers emotions, two, to make them think.

Think about what? Well, to think about perceptions, I want each viewer to relate to the art on a personal level, to interpret the work as how it relates to them and their personal experiences.

As people we are conditioned to 'see' things in a way that is fitting to how we have been influenced by society around us. More often than not images we see everyday are produced with the goal of presenting what the creator wants us to 'think' the image is about, not an accurate depiction of the reality of what ever the subject is. We are bombarded from every angle with images of how we should look, act, and the life style we should aspire to.

The perfect example of what I am talking about is the photos that are shown on the news of abused children. Notice how the children in these photos are always smiling and look happy? Even the most depraved psychopaths know that if they take photos of their kids they have to show them happy and smiling when in reality the last thing these poor children are.... is happy.

By using common images presented in an uncommon composition the viewer is presented with an entirely different subject.

As far as portraits go I prefer more natural compositions, we don't sit or stand around in traditional portrait poses, so why should artwork represent us that way. I like to do an occasional traditional portrait just because I love painting /drawing people, but much prefer to catch a glimmer of their personality with a more natural setting. I have had more than one recipient of a portrait brought to tears reacting to seeing the work for the first time. I just love capturing snippets of peoples lives in artwork. 

If you want to engage in conversation regarding any of this contact me on my Facebook page, Lorna Pirrie artist (Abernethy, Scotland). If you are interested in any of my work or a commission please drop an email at; linearprior@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as I can.